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Deep Ecology Workshops

Welcome to the website of SpiralEcology, a cultural transformation collaborative. We invite you to explore 'deep ecology', walking, and other workshops, where we invite you to connect more deeply with self, world, and Earth.

Linked to this website is information about Karina Lutz's yoga teaching, under the name Yoga for Peace.

Deep ecology is the experiential wisdom of our interconnection with earth and the world, and a set of psycho-social and spiritual exercises to help us face our anger, fear, emptiness, and deep sadness about the state of the world, to reframe our view of the world in terms of systems (instead of stuff), and to prepare ourselves our parts in the healing of our world.

We plumb these depths for their own sake and wisdom and to reclaim and nurture the love, courage, passion, and clarity underneath the difficult feelings that we often have on the back burner. This inspiring work renews us and helps prevent burnout, allowing us to move back into the world refreshed in our roles as environmental and social justice advocates and healers.

We use the Work that Reconnects method developed by Joanna Macy, Molly Brown Young, Constance Washburn, and colleagues. It's very much something you can't learn except by experiencing it, but the best description can be found at workthatreconnects.org.

Karina Lutz and Jim Tull are conducting the Work that Reconnects workshops now at our community Listening Tree Co-op. We are willing to bring the workshop to you: your environmental or social change organization, congregation, or other group that is eager to explore deep ecology, and reconnect with a broader, ecological sense of self.

What to Expect

We won't be sitting in chairs all facing a teacher. You will be welcome to sit in a circle on the floor or in an outer circle of chairs. Wear your cozy socks because we may take off shoes, and good walking shoes and layers as we may wander outside. We will also do some movement--let us know any disabilities ahead of time and we'll do our best to modify or accomodate. We won't do yoga asana but will do a breathing exercise. We will talk with each other, and practice deep listening.

People who've attended the workshops tell what it was like, to give you a taste here.

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Custom Workshops for Your Group
Is your group looking to retreat, regroup, reconnect with it's purpose in the holistic social movement of our time, the Great Turning? Check out our group workshops page.

Walking as Spiritual Practice

Karina's Walking as Spiritual Practice workshops roam about. She has access to a portable labyrinth canvas we can bring to your location, if desired.

We invite you to consider a yoga class or a workshop, listed in the schedule.

Map & Directions
Need a map and/or directions to our sites? Send a message through our contact page.