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What to expect

Workshop participants tell their stories:

"These are powerful teachings, and Karina and Jim are up for the task. In a true labor of love, they skillfully guided us through the Work that Reconnects as we began with gratitude, then honored our pain for the world, saw the world through new eyes, and went forth to be a force for change. I know of no better training in the area that brings both our hearts and heads around this most vital of questions: how we can shift towards a more sustainable, joyful, and life-affirming culture?"

--Karlo Berger

"It is hard to put the profound effects of the Deep Ecology workshop into words as is isn't the mechanisms that are the main feature, rather it is the skill that the leaders use these tools to develop the awareness that is the basis of meaningful action. The experience is more than the sum of it's parts, and I highly recommend this."
-Robert Malin
"I was initially attracted to the Great Turning workshop for a few reasons, not the least of which is respect for Karina's deep connection to this planet and its healthy continuation, evidenced by her personal choices--where she puts her attention and energy in her daily living. A worthy role model for me!

"For decades I have struggled to know how to use my pain about the physical and human environment; as news reports of pollution and war assault my awareness, I either succumbed to the worry, fear, and feelings of hopelessness, or pushed it 'away' so I could carry on with daily obligations to family and work, taking care of the immediate more easily tackled problems confronting me, and hoping others would solve these big problems for the world. So the attraction of a model to support a more wholesome view of the planet's challenges and how I fit was appealing to me.

"Simply enough, with the model of the Great Turning presented skillfully by Jim and Karina at the deep ecology workshop, I learned how to honor my pain and sadness, and then begin to transform with better understanding, to use the energy to take small but consequential steps as our world continues to evolve in ever challenging ways. The workshop inspired me to take a more active role in finding our ways through these challenges to a new and better way, in ways I can be a part of the changes I want to see. It has reconnected me with desire to be a part of the action, rather than feel stuck with futility.

"There is such a great need for us to come together, fueled by our incredible creative and indomitable spirit, to find our new paths...for the benefit of all beings."

--Cindy Rourke

"I attended this workshop last fall [2014]. It is a fantastic experience. The setting is beyond beautiful; the whole experience is invigorating and a spiritual renewal. Money well spent as the personal reward is priceless."
-Linda Chandler